Friday, October 18, 2013

Late afternoon walk ...

Before the walk I managed to get some seams sewn on my quilt. I'm very happy that this project is seeing me relax into long straight seams and I'm no longer so intimidated by the sewing machine. So glad I decided to take on this project after the introductory class last month. There is nothing like diving into something head first and getting a really good dose of it to work out the kinks and find smooth sailing. I remember this was very much the case when I was learning how to spin on a drop spindle. If I hadn't determined to spin every day--regardless of the frustration--I wouldn't have progressed. I guess it's really that simple.

Here's where the quilt is at this evening. It's going to be queen size so obviously a bit more work remains.

I had a really neat idea as I was sewing up the latest strip: For the very center square in the quilt I'm going to "fussy-cut" (that's what they call it when you cut out a specific area of cloth) a bird from the following fabric. Won't that be lovely!! I'm sure I'll feel all warm and safe under this quilt with the bird keeping watch over all.

This evening's walk brought me to a rather imposing (ominous?) looking tree.

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