Sunday, October 27, 2013

No nothing ...

No walks, no knits, no quilts, no nothing last week but Murphy's Oil Soap, sand paper, primer and paint. Nails, a saw, hammer, and as a friend says, "caulk and paint will make a job what it ain't".

I spent my free time in the spare bedroom, transforming it from the bird's summer playground to a guest room. Over the years I discovered Murphy's is the best cleanser for the job and it is now just about the only cleanser I keep in the house, other than dish detergent.

Almost all traces of the room's prior inhabitants are gone. There is one rather telling sign remaining: the piece of plywood which covers about a square yard of the ceiling where the birds chewed through the tiles! I haven't been to the store to get replacement tiles yet.

When the contractor removed the living room window to put the bird room door in place, I made sure he didn't toss it. I'd planned to replace the window in the old bird room with it, the bird's window having suffered rather severe chewing about the corners. However, while removing the old frame last week I realized that the rounded corners of the sash had some charm about them, so what with their endearing history and all, I decided to clean them well, sand them down and re-paint. They're fine. With the rebuilt framing--which I did myself, I purchased a compound miter saw!--the window looks quite OK and I'll keep the spare for when I really, really need it.

Today I knit a bit for the first time in days... ah, it felt good.

Tomorrow the chimney inspector comes and cleans if he has to. It will feel good to have a little heat about the place! Last night I snuck in a couple hours of oil heat to take the chill out. Quite a chilly chill on the hill lately!

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