Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tomorrow's the big day ...

I got the bird room where I wanted it this afternoon, only a few perches and clothes lines to hang. I really want to lay straw on the floor--because I think it will be easier to clean up!--but if what I have under the entryway isn't suitable I'll simply use paper until sometime next week.

Whew! Can't believe it. I'm planning to move the birds down tomorrow morning. I hope they'll like it; they'll have good views--3 of them: East, North, and South. I do think they'll be happier in there than upstairs where the ceilings are on the low side. They haven't been all that comfortable about the fact that I can reach their highest perches without much effort. Their "condo complex" in the new room is out of reach so they'll feel more secure there I think.

20 years of keeping birds has taught me what I need to do to protect the windows. In the new room all the edges of the window trim are covered in plastic protectors, and I protected the sashes and sills as well. All this will help preserve the windows and make cleaning a bit easier.

Part of the seed platform is visible in this picture. It contains holes in which the various size dishes sit. The protective measures around the windows are visible. This window faces South.

This windows faces East. I plan on bringing in another "tree" for the other corner.

I like the perches I made for this window.

This is the north facing window.

Part of their perching "complex". I've put up a lot of perches, inside and outside of "safe and secure" areas. The next boxes will sit on the ledges. One ledge is visible on the far right.

The second ledge. I built the ledges so I could place the nest boxes away from the walls--again, for ease of cleaning. This one was hard to put up by myself.

Looking into the room from the entry with the screen door open.

Hopefully I'll have pictures showing the birds in their new digs tomorrow evening.

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