Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sewing machine ...

I attended a reception last week in a hotel that happened to be next to a thrift store, so after a lovely lunch I popped in to browse the goods. I did not anticipate--in the least--coming home with a new-to-me sewing machine but it was only $25 and a Singer--vintage-ish. What I really like about it is that it's almost entirely made out of metal and is heavy. That's quite a contrast to my little $99 machine which appears to be 90% plastic, and very light.

This old Singer is in good shape. I opened it up to oil and it's very clean inside. It sews well too! It was missing a bobbin case but it turns out that the case in my other machine (a non-Singer) fits. To celebrate, I sewed together the first of ten panels for the quilt. Each panel will have a slightly different ordering of colors and they will end up being cut horizontally to make the blocks of the quilt.

I also bought a new iron (ruined the last one by melting some sort of fabric on it!) and was rather annoyed that it came with instructions for "first use" but no words! Just pictures! I suppose this was done so the iron can be sold in several different countries without the need for translated text. But really!

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