Sunday, October 20, 2013

Home, sweet home ...

They made it! I brought them down one by one starting at noon and it was quite reminiscent of the Brooklyn round up the night we made our trip here. I had to put a dark curtain in the window in order to catch them and it worked very well; it took only an hour. I figure it took so much less time than the big move because the ceilings upstairs here are much lower than those in NYC and I wasn't having to be up and down a step ladder the whole time.

It appears to me they like their new room--I like it too!--they were very chatty after the move, and appeared to settle in rather quickly. A few spooks since nightfall but that is to be expected until they learn the place.

The room heats up very well with the oil-filled space heater and it retains the heat. I have been turning the dial down since initially turning it on this afternoon. I'm much pleased by this.

There is still a bit more to do... I have one "tree" in the room and will look for another this week. I might also build a few more perches here and there. They took quickly to the perches I put in the windows, their favorite seeming to be my favorite as well: The one which looks like a clothes rack. A picture of this below.

I placed newspaper on the floor under the perching "complex" but strew straw over the other half of the room. I walked out of the kitchen around 11:30 this morning on my way out to get the straw and the door "clicked" behind me. Lock out number two!! The lesson I learned from the first lock out (early on, remember?) is to leave at least one window unlocked for these sort of emergencies. So the bathroom window was accessible. Imagine me coming head first into my bath tub from half way up the wall! Go head, imagine it. :) After that brief interlude all went well.

Gee, six months since moving here and they are in their own digs. I'm so happy. This week I will start on fixing up the upstairs bedrooms and hallway. Got my work cut out for me.

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