Tuesday, August 12, 2014

From my garden ...

Being that it's my first-year garden, I'd say it's been mostly a success--so far. I had the pleasure of indulging myself on the peas several times last month. Never cooked; I'd simply walk out to the garden and pluck the plumpest pods from the vine, unzip them with that little stringy what keeps them closed, and pop the delicious orbs into my mouth. Oooh, I love them that way, straight from the vine.

My cucumber plants were sporting little cukes last month but I've neglected to check up on them. Good thing I pulled back the leaves for a look-see this afternoon, as there was one big fat Cucumis sativus wanting to be picked, and I snatched it up and had it for lunch!

The tomato plants have produced a good many fruit but are only now beginning to turn red. There will be a small one and a large one looking for an adventure by end of week. I sure hope the rain tomorrow doesn't spoil them as I'm not going to be around to pick them. Fingers crossed they remain viable until the weekend.

Dee, dee, dee, dee, dee ...

I made a scarf to go with the jacket I recently finished. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome as it's my own creation. Obviously I didn't invent the mitred square, but I did choose to put them together in this manner with twining on both long edges. Tickled pink about it.

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