Saturday, August 23, 2014

Progress ...

Knitting has taken a funny turn lately. I find myself starting new projects almost left and right.

Taking stock:

There is the lost lace shawl that needs to have it's border completed. It's not the type of knitting that manages well at the Sunday group--conversation interrupts concentration. Is there anything more frustrating than knitting for two hours only to have to frog it all back because it doesn't cut the mustard? This shawl is a project requiring special time slots: Early morning with coffee or late afternoon/early evening quiet time.

There is the new triangular mosaic shawl. This one can be managed in a social setting. I worked on it at last Sunday's get together and may well work on it tomorrow at the same. It's a "go to" piece when I want to feel productive.

Is there more? Well yes there is! Out of the blue I decided to knit up a cowl of my own design this week. Inspiration came from the yarn itself: A gorgeous, scrumptious multi-colored Noro yarn, and it gave me an opportunity to revisit my recent bead purchase. I like this cowl. The pointy end of it is double layered (the diagonal is a mitred corner) so it brings cozy warmth right where one benefits from it in chilly temps. I think I'll be wearing this around the house (even!) come this winter (need I mention that in a little over 2 months from now it may well be snowing? Heeheeheehee! Life goes on.).

This morning I started yet another scarf. This one owes it's genesis to my periodic stash check, whereby I inspect my collection to see whether I remain the one--and only--connoisseur of woolen and silk lovelies. It's a relief and delight to report that the moths and mice have been preoccupied with other life matters and there are very few signs of nursery games in the wool. But I came across a skein of 100% silk in eye-melting purples and magenta's, so a simple lace scarf is in the works. Pics to come.

~ interlude ~

Pleased with progress on the labyrinth. Another trip this afternoon to the nursery where I picked up another 5 bags of "white and tan eggs" they are called. Perhaps you can start to get an idea from this picture taken this evening, with only 2 more rounds to dig and fill. Still a little tricky to see it clearly because I'm not mowing the lawn until it's finished. Don't want to get the twine tangled in the mower! It took an hour to dig the outer-most edge you see in the picture. The remaining two will take just a tad more than that, each, I suspect. And then it will be finished. On to other garden projects, of which there are several.

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