Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sakiori ... modified ...

I finished the Sakiori to find that the design of the collar caused the front of the jacket to ride up 5-6" !! in the front. Well, it wouldn't do, I'd never wear it in that shape, so out with the old and in with the new...

I tore out the collar and designed a new, simple one that will sit easy on my shoulders. Not in keeping with the Sakiori style perhaps, but it is now a jacket I will enjoy wearing. Very much.

The old. It is quite clear to see how this collar causes the front to ride up when worn:

The new. Finished except for tying in some loose ends and giving it a bath. The side panels were not yet attached in this picture. They've since been sewn in:

I was almost at a loss to come up with a new project but whilst poking around the closet last week in search of some Noro (which I did not have!) I found an unrecognized bag. What a delight it was to discover a bunch of unspun fiber, a petit-point that I thought was lost, and a lace shawl I started a few years ago and plum forgot about! I think it got lost in the big move last year and it's been completely out of my mind since. So it's my new project. It only needs the border to be finished, but it's not fast-going so it'll keep me occupied for a while.

The petit-point is going to make a pin cushion. I was so disappointed when I couldn't find it a few months back and figured it must have got tossed or lost during the move. So happy it's found.

Really, finding that bag of goodies was like Christmas in July!

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