Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Vacation week ... the first day ...

I am enjoy vacation this week and taking in the local surroundings, so much of which is gorgeous. Being situated on the verge of the White Mountains with my home in the foothills, puts me within reach of many interesting geological formations and natural areas.

Monday I hiked up Rattlesnake Mountain which is situated at the end of Halls Brook Road, the main artery for my trips into Rumney and Plymouth. Rattlesnake is a rock climbing destination and goes by the name "Rumney Rocks". Apparently people from all over come to climb it's shear cliffs. Not me. I chose the 1.3 mile (one way) hiking trail over on the west side of the mountain.

The trail starts off level but quickly inclines to quite a challenging, steep climb. Quite the workout indeed... and it felt good. It felt better when I finally reached the loop at the top of the mountain. One can choose to walk the loop clockwise or counter-clockwise and I chose counter-clockwise (as that is the direction one spins a prayer wheel). I think descending was just as hard as climbing up if not more so. I had to zig-zag my way down in certain areas because it's just so steep.

Being in the forest was beautiful. The weather this week--so far--has been gorgeous and the sun was shining in through the canopy of leaves. It was peaceful. Some gurgling water. Some bird talk. Quite serene, if one discounts my huffing and puffing--panting by the time I reached the loop.

There was plenty of time to catch my breath at the top and good reason to take my time. The view is fabulous! The whole Baker River Valley opens up in a vertigo inducing expanse. I could see the hills where I live, but my place would be behind the immediate hills so it's not visible.

Tuesday I visited a Japanese garden and nursery in Wentworth, the next town over going west. Today I hiked the trail around Quincy Bog in Rumney, the next town over going north. I'll write about both those adventures during the course of this week.

Some pictures from Monday's hike. As always, click to enlarge.

The start of the trail is very pleasant.

A babbling brook.

Ah. The incline begins.

Deciding to walk the loop counter-clockwise meant Stintson Mountain was the first to come into view.

The Baker River valley down there.

The hills of Groton.

The quaint village of Rumney.

The valley.

Our windmills can be seen on the hills.

Looking in my direction. The vertical white strip in the lower left is Halls Brook Road. It runs four miles in. Turn right at its end and I'm about one mile up (to the right in this picture).

Nice view of the valley, looking towards Plymouth.

Windmills and Halls Brook Road again.

My place is over those hills.

Quite a slide! Yippee!

I'm curious how this smooth flowing surface was formed.

Looking south towards North Groton where I live. (I'm in the woods, I tell ya!)

Wind mills atop the hills.

I liked these rocks enough to snap a picture on the way down the mountain.

A wonderful, wonderful hike. One I will repeat this fall when the foliage turns. It must be spectacular then!

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  1. So glad to see all your photos. I love pics of nature!


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