Sunday, August 17, 2014

NYC, Beads, Another Shawl, and a Labyrinth Update ...

Another month, another visit to NY. I drove down in torrential rain last Wednesday; downpours so heavy they created white-out situations--couldn't see a thing! The skies cleared about half way down Connecticut and the rest of the trip was fine, weather wise. Thursday brought a nearly perfect day of clear skies and moderate temperatures, perfect for being in the city.

I sometimes stay down the block from St. John The Divine and on my way back from parking the car Wednesday evening I snapped a pic of the cathedral. Followed it up with a picture the following morning.

Before leaving the city, I managed to visit one of my favorite stores, Beads of Paradise, a place known to be a hazard to my purse. I came away with some new beads from Ghana for future projects, some Tibetan prayer flags which are out front swaying in the breeze sending prayers aloft, some Indian incense, and a beautiful clove soap.

Apparently, one shawl to work on is not enough so I started another one. It's my first triangular shawl ever; the pattern is a mosaic. Liking it very much. It's called "New Caesar Triangular Shawl" and can be found on Ravelry.

Progress is being made on the labyrinth. Once I'm out there digging it goes pretty quickly--although it will take a number of hours to finish. I've about used up all the 3-4" stones I can find about the place and will now have to purchase some. Would like to have it all done before winter, which looks doable. It may be finished in a couple of weeks.

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