Friday, August 8, 2014

Vacation ... midweek ...

Wednesday afternoon was spent at Quincy Bog, a natural area in Rumney, next door. If ever there was a perfect word employed in the service of describing an area, it is the word tranquil as applied to Quincy Bog. It's a heavenly place. I can't recall ever feeling such a sense of deep serenity. Depths of water, buffers of forest, the Anura guard, sheltered areas, and all lusciously verdant. Such calm. It will become a place of frequent visits. I'd very much like to visit it in each of the seasons.

There are occasional guided hikes around the bog, educational lectures, and a nature center, which was closed the day I was there. One lecture coming up soon will examine 14,000 years of the bog's history. Won't that be wonderful!? I'm going to try to make it. The bog is also a noted bird watching sight. There are lists on the bulletin board where one can add one's sightings.

Much of the flora is identified with markers. I had no idea there were so many different types of fern--they all look alike at a quick glance. I neglected to take a tree identification sheet--the trees are numbered--so next time.

I was not prepared for the narrow walkways skimming the surface of certain waters, but after the first bridge I relaxed and let my weight set my balance. Enjoyment had crept in by the time I walked my last plank.

(As always, click to enlarge)

Leaving the craft fair behind, late yesterday afternoon, I traveled up I89 to Lebanon where I knew their farmer's market would be open. My wish was to see an old friend who works at one of the local farms. He would have been working the booth. Alas, for some unknown reason they weren't there yesterday. But I did partake of some Pad Thai from one of the booths and it gave me a fleeting reminiscence of my favorite Thai restaurant back in my old Brooklyn neighborhood.

From the farmer's market I decided to head over to White River Junction, VT where I knew a knit-night would be in progress and another acquaintance could be found there. Alas, she couldn't make it last night. It was altogether a lovely evening nonetheless and I made some new knitting friends. The store has a rather nice yarn bomb out front. I'm not generally a fan of yarn bombing but I think this one is quite tastefully done. The store is White River Yarns. A lovely, warm place.


  1. And I thought the boardwalks at Yellowstone were narrow! Quincy Bog seems to be a tranquil area that I'd like to visit someday.

    1. I'd love to bring you over there, crafty1. :)


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