Thursday, July 28, 2011

Soap... a report

Well, three weeks have passed. According to the recipe, the soap I made July 4th weekend should be OK to go at this point.... the moment arrives... suspense...

It lathers beautifully and it's hard enough so it won't disappear after a few uses. The scent is mild. I would say I didn't use enough essential oil but on the other hand the cinnamon doesn't overwhelm the subtle scent of oatmeal, so it's not bad--at all. I have read reports of people finding that palm oil (quite a bit of it in the recipe I used) dries their skin. I find it leaves my skin feeling well cleaned but I have noticed I don't like to use it before I spin as I like my hands to be somewhat greasy or oily to spin with--it helps.

This is very exciting. Oh, yes. I'm quite motivated to have another go at it. Surfing the web brought me in touch with another recipe last night that looks pretty good. It makes twice as much (2 lbs.) as the last recipe which seems like a reasonable increment to go with. It has much more olive oil in it which means it will be softer on the skin (I think). This new recipe contains castor oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil! The thought of it makes my skin tingle with anticipation.

It might happen this weekend... :)

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