Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tour de Fleece... day 9

Spun a bobbin full of the wool/silk. The question of plying arose several times and one particular brain wave came up with an answer of 3-ply. This is a rambunctious fiber and I think 3-ply would help bring some cohesion to it. Time has dictated n-ply technique. Here's why: I don't have time to spin a whole 3 bobbins full before the workweek starts and I don't want a bobbin of singles to sit a whole week before plying. I want to take advantage of all that springy twist.

One drawback of my wheel--and as far as I can think it's the only drawback: there are no high capacity bobbins for it. I can usually get about 50 yds. of 3-ply wound on, that seems to be the limit. Therefore I decided to ply on my large Schact spindle. I plyed directly from the bobbin--left it right in the wheel... just loosened the drive bands and away we went.

The spindle full of plyed yarn (yes, I was working in the back yard):

And the finished hank:

I'm glad this is the smaller batt (and it's not all incorporated into the hank shown above). When all finished I should have enough for a cowl, a soft, silky, neck caressing cowl. :)

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