Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tour de Fleece... day 18

It's been quite a day on the trail! I could not wait any longer to start in on "Sunset in the mountains" which I dyed over the weekend and so sat down to my wheel at just after midnight this morning--almost exactly 24 hours ago! I managed to squeeze in enough treadles to get this small skein done at 11:15 this evening. I will get 2 skeins like this out of the rovings, about 90 yds. total. I need to find out where this wool comes from because it would be most lovely to get a whole bunch of it!

I'm very pleased with the outcome. Dyeing it myself added a level of adventure and excitement to the process. I have to say there are few things that give me as much sense of accomplishment as when I pull a hank off the niddy noddy. Taking raw material and making something useful out of it with one's own hands is very fulfilling. Add the artistic element and there you go! What more could one want?

Next time I do these colors I'll tone down the orange a bit. Still, I'm happy with this result...

Presenting: "Sunset in the mountains"

Here's what the singles looked like being spun up:


  1. WOW! This is amazing!!! Giving dyeing lessons by any chance?????
    It was fun to see it as roving, then singles then plied.
    Any plans for it in a project yet?

  2. Thank you, John. :)

    Ha! I could use some dyeing lessons myself. Haven't done a whole lot yet. But this project has certainly motivated me. I'm particularly fond of this steamer method.

    No.... don't know what it will end up in yet!



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