Friday, July 22, 2011

Tour de Fleece... days 19 and 20

Yesterday and today saw the completion of "Sunset in the mountains". As expected I got another hank almost exactly the same size as the previous one--44 yds.--so I have a total of 89 yds. The rovings that went into this hank had a little less bright salmon in them and I like the resulting yarn a tad better. I also got some very nice color combos in the plying phase. The two hanks are not so different that they don't go together though.

I don't know what I'll do with them yet. The first thought that comes to mind is using them as highlight bands in hats... only time will tell...

I also got a half hour in on the spindle yesterday. No spindle today but tomorrow will see some yards added there.

The 2nd and final "Sunset in the mountains":

A NOTE about the color differences between today's photo and that from the other day: The first hank was photographed in yellow light (incandescent) and today's photo was taken in bluish light (fluorescent). Today's picture is a little darker than the true colors of this yarn, and the first picture is a little brighter, albeit the first hank does have more salmon in it. The best photo of the colors is the one of the rovings--it was taken out of doors.

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