Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tour de Fleece... Days 22 and 23... The End

I can't believe we're on our last day. I'm almost sad about it. It's been most enjoyable to spin as one of a team (Team Men Spin) amongst hundreds (literally!) of teams from all over the world. Tour de Fleece is a brilliant idea... consider the amount of discussion it has created... the thousands of posts at Ravelry where team members describe and display their spinning. It has been overwhelmingly inspirational.

I have even enjoyed the team names and my favorite (although I have not read the entire list--it is long) is definitely "Team Russian Underpants". Haha!! Their team is made up of antique spinning wheel enthusiasts amongst which there are many owners of CPWs (Canadian Production Wheels).

I look forward to next year's Tour de Fleece.

Yesterday and today I spun another hank of my Parfait wool/silk blend. While spinning I dyed the remainder of it setting aside a few lengths for a different colorway which I'm calling "Pumpkins". This picture shows the remaining batts hanging up to dry, Parfait on the left, Pumpkins on the right. It also shows today's finished hank of Parfait on the table.

I rewarded myself with farmer's market (humanely raised) hotdog and vegetarian beans cooked on my little barbeque visible in the background...

And here is my Tour de Fleece 2011 output in one shot. I am well pleased. I did not finish the Merino (on the spindle) but that's OK. I still have another hank or 2 of grey Shetland and there's the remaining Parfait and Pumkins to spin up. It's going to be loads of fun finishing them up and I already have plans for what's next.


  1. Congrats, Bernard on finishing the Tour de Fleece with a glorious supply of work to show for your efforts!
    There's lots that's inspiring about your pics.


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