Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A story of fingerless mittens ...

I had some hand spun Alpaca left over from the scarf--yarn spun by my young neighbor--and was debating what I'd do with it. Beginning of story.

In the meantime I've seen my neighbors at the Plymouth farmer's market on Thursdays selling their handmade soaps, cookies, and all. Last Thursday I popped my head around the corner of their tent for a quick exchange of greetings with the young lady who spins so beautifully considering she's just begun. Haven't seen any more yarn at their tent since the spool which I bought back when, but I'll keep my eyes on the lookout. ...

The story continues. Pretty sure I've mentioned it before, that the general store in Rumney--the Rumney Village Store--is one of my favorite places around these parts.

There was an old general store in West Canaan when I was growing up, just down from the high school and on the first floor of the building which housed the Grange. We (all of my family) belonged to the Grange. If my memory serves me I went to the meetings just about all through my high school years. There were colorful, beautiful people at those meetings. Old timers. It was good. Apple pie and sharp cheddar cheese for refreshments! The Grange hall had creeky old floor boards, antique benches, and a dusty-musty scent of time gone by. A history.

The general store in West Canaan didn't have roaming chickens, but the Rumney Village Store does. They roam about the yard and sometimes the porch, and on some days their eggs will be carted up waiting for someone pining to cook a hearty breakfast, or maybe the baker needs them. A few weeks ago when I visited the store I could hear the player piano from outside as I alit my car. What a treat! And their lovely pooch. What a sweetheart!

You must visit the Rumney Village Store if you find yourself in central NH. They are just past the town common--oh so pretty in that New England way--on the way to Stinson Lake.

The story continues. When I was there 2 visits ago I was presented with a skein of my young neighbor's handspun as a gift from the proprietor of the store. The young spinner sells pies and cookies at the store, and now yarn. The owner thought I should have a skien. Very kind and thoughtful. It was a wool/alpaca blend, darker--in a chocolately way--than the 100% alpaca I already had. A very beautiful yarn and a bit softer than the straight alpaca. It wasn't a huge skein and I wondered what I would make with it. Hm. Hm. Hm. Off to peruse my "favorites" list on Ravelry: A list of patterns I'd seen and wanted to remember. Found it! A quick, simple pattern for fingerless mitts. Elegant in their simplicity.

I used both the lighter 100% alpaca and the gifted skein of darker wool/alpaca blend. Dark on both ends, light in the center. Kind of like a neapolitan ice cream with twice as much chocolate and no strawberry. I think they came out looking pretty good, if I do say so myself. Brought them over to the store last weekend and they fit the owner well. Wouldn't you know! I forgot to take a picture of them before I wrapped them up. Maybe I'll be able to sneak a pic sometime when he's not looking.

I like that a number of people were involved in the creation of these mitts. Happy story.

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