Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Morning walk ...

... or my daily constitution. Started it this week, once a day before noon (hopefully that sticks). I'm walking down N. Groton Road .75 miles to the Historical Society and back. Spindle in hand. During that 1.5 mile walk I can spin about a yard of roving which translates into several yards of yarn.

I've decided to take a picture on each walk, and I'll post them here. If you don't see a picture it means I may not have walked that day. If you notice too many missing pictures you should take me to task! But I think weekends will probably be exempt from this. (I get to write the rules! :) )

My first day was yesterday so I have 2 pictures to show, yesterday and today...

Tuesday, 9/17/2013

Wednesday, 9/18/2013

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