Sunday, September 15, 2013

Branching out ...

I'm in a period of expansion! Last week was my first quilting class. Tonight I started a tapestry sampler. Both crafts have been on my mind for ages and finally I'm getting around to experimenting with them. Mucho excitement!

I'm weaving this small sampler from instructions in a book called Tapestry Weaving by Kirsten Glasbrook. It's an excellent book, filled to the brim with pictorials. Every step of the sampler is well explained and illustrated. Pages after the sampler are filled with examples of exquisite tapestry weaving and explanatory commentary. I recommend this book with no hesitation at all. It's an excellent beginner book.

The warp for the stair treads is wound. I wound it this afternoon. Perhaps I'll have time to start sleying the reed tomorrow. Had another idea today: To start and end each tread with a row of soumak. It will create a nice edge between the hem and rug. When I get my first tread woven I'll post pics of this.

In other news, yesterday I got to wear my "Sock it to me" tie. I named it that because I knit it with sock yarn. :) I made it 4 or so years ago and have rarely had an occasion to wear it so it was special. My nephew got married, and that was very special!

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