Sunday, September 22, 2013

Inspection day ...

There have been bags of clothes (human and bed) on my bedroom floor since the day the movers delivered my things from NY. I had them plopped there and although I've rummaged through them a few times they've done sat in the same location the whole while. On top of those bags was the heap of my stash which ended up in my bedroom because the cellar where I originally thought to house the stash ended up being too damp what with the soaking spring weather we had.

So for several months now--5 to be exact--my bedroom has looked a bit of a dump. Justification for leaving it in this state was that my room and the spare room would get re-done--paint, etc.--when the birds were moved into their own resort. And both rooms will be re-done in a few weeks--hopefully.

In the meantime--this week--I decided I'd move the harpsichord upstairs to my room because 1) it still needs some work and the budget doesn't allow for it at this time, and 2) the music room feels a tad cramped. The piano, pump organ, harpsichord, 2 bookshelves, and stereo system have chiseled away at the available space for inhabiting the room. Yesterday I bought a bench to put in place of the harpsichord. It's not large and will give the room some seating apart from the stools: piano and organ. At least now, if I am to play for someone, I won't have to ask them to stand there. All I need now is to find someone to help me move the harpsichord upstairs and the bench, which is heavy, in from the car.

In order to get the harpsichord into my room, the heaps of yarn and wool, blankets, and bags of clothes needed some attention. That's what I did today and the travail included my periodical inspection for moth damage. The outcome wasn't too bad; I was expecting worse. There has been an outbreak of moth births in the past few months: The Great Baby Boom of Lepidoptera occurred here--in my new house. The eggs come in on the birdseed you see, and they hatch when the bags of seed are opened. But since there wasn't too much damage I won't complain. Life is full of critters and I've made my peace with them--unless they swarm, gang up on me, or procreate unabashedly and attempt to take over.

After five months it feels good to have a tidier bedroom. If I do say so myself, I think I did a pretty good job of organizing and storing the stash in the closet and--finally--putting my clothes away.

Stash after being picked up off the floor and before storage, all neat and tidy--for how long? Heh!--in the closet. (And I once thought I'd never accumulate a stash)...

A result! ...

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