Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Construction ... day 7 ...

I'm thinking there's enough room under the addition to have a root cellar there. Hm. Going to have to plant a good garden! Towards that end I went to the lumber yard today and ordered some Hemlock to build my raised beds. I'd like to have them built and filled before the snow comes. (Judging by the temps these last few days one could be forgiven for thinking that could be any day now!)


  1. What's the pitch of this roof? Hope you won't have to shovel the snow that might accumulate. I have to roof rake our pitched roof when we have a good snowfall ... no easy chore!
    Raised beds is the way to go. Hemlock is a good choice. Much success to you on this project.
    A root cellar ... can't wait to see how you integrate this.

    1. crafty1, Oh I think I will have to shovel the roof. The perspective in the picture makes the pitch seem lower than it is, but it is still not a highly pitched roof. So unless I come up with ideas for keeping the snow off, I'll be shoveling it!


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