Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quilting ... first lesson ...

I took my first quilting class this evening. It was bound to happen seeing how I've admired quilts for so long and even have a few books on quilting.

North Country Quilters is offering a 4-class introduction to quilting and the first class was last week. I didn't find out about it until this past weekend, but the teacher allowed me to join in beginning tonight. She gave me some catch-up instruction a half-hour before class started. I was the only man in class but one gets accustomed to that. Though, come to think of it, when I took spinning lessons at The Yarn Tree in Brooklyn the class started out with 2 of us. It still makes me sad that the store is gone from Bedford Ave. The web store is still open though.

I'm hoping the class will help get me over my fear of using the sewing machine. Straight lines seem rather improbable at the moment. As does accurate cutting. Though I must say, a rotatary cutter, cutting board, and good ruler make all the difference.

For our first project we're making table runners. I decided on a Thanksgiving color scheme since it'll be upon us in no time, besides which I'm getting into a fall mood. I absolutely, totally, with all my being, love autumn.

Got my strips cut and managed to sew 4 together before class ended. I'll sew the remainder this week and next week we'll be shown how to cut new strips from our constructed cloth and join them into the runner pattern. It was fun, and it's getting me out and about. Who knows, maybe if I get comfortable with my little $99 sewing machine I could end up making meself some clothes!

I would so love to have an old pedal sewing machine. We had one in our house all the while I was growing up. No electricity needed. What a wonderful idea!

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