Thursday, September 26, 2013

Morning walk ...

I had my cello lesson yesterday via Skype and that didn't leave me enough time for a walk. But I walked today and it was a gorgeous day. What's more appropriate at this time of year than colored leaves?

Beginning Quilting class has ended and all but one row of quilting remains to be sewn on my table runner. I'm very pleased with the result and enjoyed the endeavor so much that I purchased enough fabric--in batik designs--to make a queen-sized quilt in a pattern called "Triple Around The World". There's an image of one here. You can see the similarity between that quilt and the runner I just made. I have learned the requisite techniques. Happy, happy. My fabrics:

I almost didn't get my runner finished during class because in my hurry to leave the house yesterday I forgot to take the electric cord and pedal for my sewing machine. It was after making that discovery in class that I decided to take some time to shop for fabric. To my fortune a classmate let me use her machine to make my last few seams. It was wonderful to use her Janome machine--several hundred dollars vs. my $99 Brother, but I'll continue with my little cheapy until I'm sure I'll be doing much sewing.

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