Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weaving ... a new project ...

My poor loom! It looks like a dumping ground since I removed the Noro scarf a few weeks ago.

At least it's all fiber-related material. I even have my swift bolted onto the breast beam! Ha!

But that will be tidied up soon enough because this week I had the marvelous idea to weave treads for my stairs. Isn't this going to be fun, fun, fun!

I'm almost finished painting and stenciling the bottom portion of the stair well. I've never done a room in red before, but since the stairs are at the heart of the house I thought red would be rather nice. I've also never painted stripes before but it's been on my mind to do so forever. I painted harlequin diamonds in my bathroom in Brooklyn. They were in green:

After 20 years it had started to chip. Look at that ceiling! I surmise it hasn't been painted since sometime in the 1940s! I didn't paint it because I thought the chipped paint made an interesting texture.
Here's my new stairwell in stripes:

My camera has a hard time capturing red. This photo is close but not quite right, but it does give an overall impression. The following photo is truer in color and shows the 4 weft yarns I will use in weaving the treads:

My plan is to weave the treads in something called "boundweave" which produces a stiff, rug-worthy fabric. A few tests are in order to make sure I have the right weight yarns, etc.
I'm all geared up about this one! :)

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